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Got a question? Embarrassed to ask? Check below...

Your massage should be a fun, friendly, relaxing experience! If you are curious about what people often ask or have something you are not sure about, then read our answers below to some of the questions we are often asked.

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Whereabouts are you located?

we are a mobile massage service operating in China and some surrounding areas. our therapists will visit you at your home, hotel or office. sorry, we do not have any in-call facilities for you to visit. we travel to the following areas:

What times are you open?

We Povied Our services for 24/7

What will i be massaged on?

our therapists are trained and highly experienced in performing excellent massages on your own bed or floor, whichever you prefer. most customers much prefer being massaged on their own bed rather than a massage table once they have experienced it and of course it means therapists can travel to you quicker. click here to read more about why we believe this is best and to see how to create your own massage room at home in a few minutes! if you really want a massage table please send us an to organise (there will be an extra charge depending on where you are).

Do i need to provide anything for the massage?

your therapist will bring high quality almond or grape-seed oil, a music CD and of course a pair of excellent hands and a happy personality. all we ask you to provide is your own towelling for the massage and to cover and protect any furniture or furnishings from oil. if you think about it, it is the most hygienic option. do you really want to use towels taken from a carry bag which has been stuffed with other used towels all day? we didn't think so!

What am i supposed to wear when i get a massage?

for an oil based massage you should undress to your own level of comfort. some people prefer to keep their underwear on during a massage while others prefer to be nude. it's up to you.

Can I request a specific therapist?

all our massage therapists are highly qualified and have been hired because they can all provide a high quality massage. however, of course, massage is a personal experience and each therapist has their own personal style. use our online booking system to choose your favourite therapist. or try someone new.

How do i book?

the quickest way is to book yourself online - the system is updated live in real-time and therapists are contacted electronically immediately as soon as you press the Confirm button! the system is really easy to use - if you got here, then you will find it no problem. just click here to go straight to our Online Booking System or click here if you want instructions first.

Contraindications - please check before booking your massage!

in the interest of your health please consider the following questions and inform us via the Comments box on the online booking form and your therapist prior to your massage if any apply:
- do you suffer any allergies?
- have you undergone any recent surgery?
- have you taken any drugs or alcohol in the last 24 hours?
- do you have any medical conditions or injuries that might affect your massage?
If you are at all unsure, please check with your doctor in advance of booking.

What type of massage should i get?

feeling like a massage virgin? we suggest you book a classic 90 minute massage. this way you can ask your therapist to massage all the main areas of your body so that you can consider which you like best and which you prefer next time for a more specific massage.

Can i eat or drink before a massage?

it is best to avoid drinking alcohol immediately before your massage and try not to have a massage on a full stomach, wait at least one hour.

Should i talk to the massage therapist during the massage?

it's usually best to close your eyes, lie back and relax into the massage. but once again, it's up to you. be sure to speak up if you feel cold or too hot, if you experience any pain or if you would like the massage changed in any way. we are here to make you feel better and are not upset by requests to change our style to suit you you better.

I don't want the therapist to touch a certain part of my body

if you don't like a particular part of your body touched or are just self-conscious about a certain body area, just ask your therapist to avoid that area. remember you can click on Focus Man in our Online Booking Form to choose your favourite focus areas. we also have therapies which are done through clothing, such as thai massage

The pressure isn't right for me, what should i do?

please don't worry about upsetting your therapist - just let them know immediately and they will be more than happy to hear how best to adjust the pressure to suit your personal preferences. we are all different and prefer different pressures and styles at different times.

What if i realize i've drooled during the massage?

many people fall into a peaceful slumber during the massage but when they wake up, they notice a pool of drool on the pillow or massage table. this is very common. if this happens we suggest you do no more than look at your therapist with 'ooops' eyes and laugh it off.

How do I pay?

at the moment we only accept cash in sterling (RMB) direct to your therapist. sorry, no cards, no cheques, no euros or dollars, no online payments, no massage swaps, no dinner dates, no promises of more bookings to come...oh, the list goes on and on, so we'll stop here.

Am i supposed to tip my therapist?

tipping is totally up to you. the only pressure our therapists want you to feel is the deeply relaxing one you'll get from one of their massages

How long can I book my treatment for?

our standard session lengths are: 1 hour, 1.5 hours and 2 hours and these can be booked using our online system. our most popular booking is 1.5 hours. we also have clients who book for 3 hours or more. if you would like longer than 2 hours please email us at and we will help you book it. sorry, but we cannot do treatments lasting less than 1 hour.

What if i get an erection during the massage?

there is no reason to be embarrassed. it is possible that men may get an erection during a massage. touch administered to any area of the body can activate parts of your nervous system and cause such a reaction. your therapist is professionally trained, understands this and will know what to do .

How much notice do you need before a booking?

we pride ourselves by being one of the most reliable and on-time mobile massage companies in China. we ask a very reasonable one hour minimum notice period before your booking. of course our therapist will try to get there even quicker if possible. please note our one hour arrival applies to central China bookings but we always aim to inform you immediately of any unexpected delays. if you are outside of zone 3 please do try to give a little more notice. ps we don't make false promises of arriving in 30 minutes only

Fun, friendly massage therapists? what's all that about then?

we are a fun, open-minded company, with great friendly therapists. massage is often associated with sexual activities, so perhaps it is easy to misinterpret what we have said elsewhere to mean a more than what we have simply said. just to be clear, we only offer high quality, therapeutic massage performed by experienced, lovely, easy-going therapists who are great company too...nothing more than that! so please don't make us blush by expecting anything else. thank you for your understanding and your respect. make your therapist your friend.

How often should i receive a massage?

ideally once every week or two weeks. if you can't do this try at least to have massage on a regular basis. we have some customers who get massaged 3 times a week ... and even some who have had 3 treatments in a day!

I am pregnant, can i still get a massage?

massage is perfectly safe after the first three months of pregnancy. to avoid pressure on your abdomen, you will lie on your side and back or sit on a special chair during your pregnancy massage. we can't massage you during the first 3 months of pregnancy unless you have written approval from your doctor. of course, we will only send a therapist who has been trained in pregnancy massage, so please check each therapist's Speciality areas before booking.

Are there any side effects i need to be aware of?

the body releases toxins through massage. you might feel a little dizzy or suffer a headache after a massage. these are natural reactions which you should not worry about. drink lots of water to decrease these symptoms. feeling soreness in your muscles the next day is also perfectly natural - feel good about it, like you do after a good session at the gym!

Happy endings - what are they and can I get one?

a common question in the massage industry, so we prefer to deal with it rather than pretend it never gets asked. happy endings refer to certain acts which are carried out at the end of a sexually orientated massage. we are a friendly, grown-up team, who are happy to answer your questions including 'embarrassing' ones openly and with a smile - its just a hand job.

Can i cancel my booking?

we understand that unexpected changes can happen. please note that as soon as you book a therapist, her diary is immediately reserved for you for the whole of the booked massage time plus travel time before and after. this means she is unable to be booked by anyone else during that whole period. so we ask that you provide us with at least 5 hours notice to cancel any bookings. the best way to cancel is to text your therapist and she will cancel it for you. you will have her number as she will have texted you after you booked.

Umm, all very interesting but my question hasn't been answered?

no problem, just send us an email by clicking here and we'll do our best to answer it for you!

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